Weekend work

Volunteers collect 9,290 pounds of garbage in countywide cleanup

On Saturday morning, volunteers gathered and filled trash bags with 9,290 pounds of garbage as part of the first large-scale countywide cleanup, Keep Putnam Beautiful Executive Director Marcia Marinello said.

Marinello said she is still waiting on reports from coordinators to determine if the cleanup reached its goal of 500 volunteers.

Prior to the start of the cleanup at Palatka’s City Hall, Miller Middle School student Jeremiah Cook was honored for creating the theme, “Clean it Up, Green it Up.”

Cook said his teacher assigned the cleanup-naming contest for homework.

Writer’s block led to a last-minute moment of inspiration for the sixth-grader.

“I stayed up all night,” Cook said. “At school the next morning, it finally popped in my head, ‘If you clean something up, the Earth becomes greener.’”

Marinello said she was happy with how many people volunteered at different staging sites throughout the county.