Another EDGE board member calls it quits

Charter school treasurer John Nelson resigns from board amid financial turmoil

Just more than an hour before Putnam County School District board members discussed a state-required corrective action plan for Putnam EDGE High School’s financial woes Tuesday afternoon, EDGE board Treasurer John Nelson announced his resignation from the board.

“Please be advised that I am herein submitting my resignation from the board of EDGE,” Nelson wrote in an email to EDGE board President Pat Freeman. “The effective date shall be as of May 18, 2016. Best wishes for the future of EDGE.”

Nelson declined further comment about his resignation. Nelson was an original board member. 

State Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart was notified of Putnam EDGE High School’s deteriorating financial condition Thursday. 

In January, Nelson was questioned by EDGE staff members and parents about unpaid bills. Nelson, as the board treasurer, said he had to prioritize bills because the monthly bills exceeded the amount the school received from state funding. 

Board members said they were concerned about a lack of communication about the bills and decided in February to allow school employees to track finances with a bookkeeping program accessible by school officials. 

During the May 5 EDGE board workshop, Nelson addressed the school’s debt with its property on College Road.

School Director Lisa Parsons estimated the school would be at least $20,000 behind on bills by the end of July, not including the school’s payments for the College Road property, which carries a mortgage payment of more than $5,000 each month. 

The school also owes money to its curriculum provider and the school district’s transportation department.