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The Lake City Reporter is pleased to announce the release of an improved website and digital edition of our newspaper. This new service brings you the latest news along with an exact replica of the printed newspaper. Upon publication of each new issue, you receive an email in your inbox, notifying you of the issue’s availability and providing a link to connect you to the current edition. With its flip-book page turning format, zoom-in functionality, and search capabilities, our e-Edition offers the latest in digital newspaper technology while continuing to provide a classic newspaper reading experience.


Our new service is available currently registered subscribers, as follows:


1. Click on the SUBSCRIBE option on the home page.

2. Click through to the paywall, listing the subscription plans.

3. Click on the “Already A Print Subscriber” button.

4. Complete the form for instant access.

Following your registration, you will begin to receive an email upon the publication of each issue with live links to the e-Edition. You can also login to premium content and the e-Edition from our website using the credentials you established when you registered. If you have any trouble with access, please contact:

As always, we appreciate your support. Thanks again for being a loyal reader and subscriber. We are always looking for ways to bring you better products and we hope you enjoy our new digital services.