21-year-old charged in incident

A 21-year-old Palatka man was arrested and charged Thursday evening with burglary, battery and resisting an officer after a woman calling 911 for help screamed the suspect was in the house and the phone line went silent.

A Palatka Police Department report said officers arriving at an Oleander Drive residence, the location of the emergency call, saw Trevarus Kiser, who the victim identified as the suspect, in the driveway.

The victim said she was in her room when she heard the suspect kicking the back door, the report said.

The victim told officers the suspect forced his way through the back door of the residence, the report said.

Officers said when they approached the suspect, he ran away, the report said.

Officers said a Taser was used in an attempt to stop the suspect, who continued to flee, the report said.

Officers said the suspect ran toward a wood line and fell, the report said.

The suspect was taken to the Putnam County Jail, and the Taser probe was removed, the report said.

The suspect complained of asthma, back pain and heart problems and was taken to Putnam Community Medical Center for medical clearance.

Kiser was returned to the jail and held without bond.