Candidates preparing to make run for office

Several local residents have in recent weeks filed intents to run for election in 2020 as politicians ramp up preparation for the election cycle. 

Supervisor of Elections Charles Overturf III said 16 people are currently filed to run for county office in 2020, which he said is more than the elections office typically sees at this point in the process. 

“We have got a good (sized) group even though it is still a little bit early,” he said. “Usually you get some, but maybe not quite as many as we have gotten so far this year.” 

So far, the elections office has received documentation for intents to run for 11 different county offices. Among those offices, nine of the incumbent candidates have filed. 

The official deadline for state and local candidates to file the appropriate forms and qualify to run is the week of June 15, 2020, Overturf said. The deadline to turn in candidate petitions is May 18, 2020, though candidates should be aware these dates are subject to change. 

“The legislature the other day passed some major election rules, and one of the aspects of what they passed is moving the August elections up at least a week,” Overturf said. “If (Gov. DeSantis) signs it, then that moves not only the election up from Aug. 25 to Aug. 18, so a whole week, but that also changes that qualifying date.”

If someone is interested in running for a local public office, Overturf said there are specific steps to be taken first. 

One of the most crucial steps is filling out a DS-DE 9 form at the elections office. 

“Technically, banks are not even supposed to talk to you about opening an account until that DS-DE 9 form is completed,” he said. 

“Once they sign it and turn it into me, we timestamp it and then that makes them official. Then they can start working on petitions, they can start collecting money or spending money or stuff like that. But they can’t do anything legally until that form is completed and given to me.” 

Overturf said the vast majority of candidates who have filed intents to run in the next election are either incumbents or have run before. But for those interested in running for office who have never done it before, he and his office are willing to help provide information.   

“If someone is interested or they have questions, if they call me I will be glad to sit with them and go over it and try to answer everything I can to make it simpler for them,” he said. “Especially if they have never done it.”

The following candidates have filed intents to run for election in Putnam County in 2020: 

  •  Board of County Commission, District 1: Bill Pickens, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2016.
  •  Board of County Commission, District 3: Douglas C. Hays, no-party affiliate; Larry Masters, Republican; Mike Perry, Republican.
  •  Board of County Commission, District 5: Buddy Goddard, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2016; Paul Adamczyk, Republican; Mike Lambert, Republican. 
  •  Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller: Tim Smith, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2000; Doug McClure, Republican. 
  •  Tax Collector: Linda Myers, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2008. 
  •  Supervisor of Elections: Charles Overturf III, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2012. 
  •  County Court Judge Group 2: Elizabeth Morris, no-party. Incumbent. In office since 2000.
  •  Putnam County Sheriff: Edison Edison, no-party affiliate.
  •  Putnam County School Board District 3: Sandra Gilyard, no-party. Incumbent. In office since 2016. 
  •  Property Appraiser: Tim Parker, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2012. 
  •  Superintendent of Schools: Rick Surrency, Republican. Incumbent. In office since 2016.

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