Emergency Management officials offer tips, advice after Irma

Following Hurricane Irma, which ravaged the county Sunday and Monday, Putnam County Emergency Management officials are warning local residents to remain cautious.

On Monday afternoon, the county continued to experience tropical storm conditions. And as downed tree, sinkholes, downed power lines, flooding and other hazards plagued the county after Irma’s impact, county officials have mandated the following:

* Numerous traffic signals are without power. When approaching a traffic signal with no power, treat it as a 4-way stop. Drivers shouldn’t be on the road if they don’t have to be.

* Stay more than 30 feet away from downed power lines, and don’t go near the pole or anything else touching the downed line.

* Don’t drive over downed power lines. If a downed power line falls on a vehicle, passengers should stay inside the vehicle until help arrives

* Memorial Bridge is open, but all nonessential traffic is asked to remain off roadways until damage assessment teams can make appropriate preparations to clear roads of hazards.

* Sinkholes and water are also on roadways, and strong winds are expected. Traveling along roadways and bridges is not recommended.

* Low-lying areas may remain flooded due to the amount of rain the county received from the storm and the tide cycle.

* To report downed trees, downed power lines or any other hazards – or for the quickest response to hurricane-related questions – call the Emergency Operations Center in Palatka at 329-1904.

* In the event of an emergency, call 911 for immediate assistance.