Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement

The Palatka Daily News requires anyone submitting a wedding announcement to provide a signed photocopy of the groom and bride's driver's license or photo identification in order for the announcement to be published.


(1) If you would like a picture to accompany article, attach photo to this form. The photo may be color or black and white, how ever, it must meet our quality requirements for publication. Attach more than one if you’re unsure. All photos s hould be picked up at th e Palatka Daily News f ront desk no later than 30 days following publication. Couples that include a self-addressed stamped envelope can have photo returned by mail. Photos can also be submitted as jpeg

attachments by e-mail or put on 3.5” floppy disk or CD. (2) Bride and groom’s last names should be printed on back of photo.

(3) If information is not typed or printed legibly, the Daily News is not responsible for errors or omissions and a rerun may be denied.

(4) All wedding announcements follow a certain format dictated by the amount of editorial space. If additional information is requested for publication, an ad may be purchased.

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